Why NFCjobs.com?

NFCJobs.com was created to help market-makers with NFC projects find skilled individuals for product and market development so that the barriers to global NFC adoption can be overcome. Together, we can build infrastructure, support standards and create synergy in the complex NFC ecosystem.

What is NFC?

Near Field Communications (NFC) enables intuitive, simple, and safe communication between electronic devices. NFC is both a “read” and “write” technology. Communication between two NFC-compatible devices occurs when they are brought within four centimeters of one another: a simple wave or touch can establish an NFC connection, which is then compatible with other known wireless technologies such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Today, we see the beginning of supporting infrastructure, formation of industry standards and initial manufacturing of NFC-specific components. The question is: Will adoption be slow and niche-oriented, or will it explode to grab consumer and business mindshare in a short span of time?